The previous setup I had for a forum obviously either wasn’t getting the interest that I thought or just straight up didn’t work, because there wasn’t a single post or thread. So I’m going back to the drawing board and designing something different. I think a forum is still important. I get emails daily from viewers who are asking questions about Flash. I’d love to put those questions back out to the community. I know there are tons of people out there with a LOT more information and experience than I do. We are all learning together and I’d love to connect those with questions to people with the answers. So come back soon to check out a new forum system that will hopefully make more sense and function a lot better.

What's the best way to answer and ask Flash questions on the site? A Forum or Blog?

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UPDATE: I just wrote a blog post regarding a forum or having specific blog posts to answer and ask questions in. Please share your thoughts on the matter with a comment on the blog post about it. Or please vote for one in this quick poll. Thanks.